18 Aralık 2016 Pazar

Rihanna Would Like Everyone to Please Stop Pitting Her Against Beyonce

It may seem hard to believe for those not in the thrall of their devices, but in today’s social media–obsessed times, the simple act of liking a photo on Instagram can land you in hot water. Just ask Rihanna, who double tapped a fan’s photo and landed straight into a controversy.
It all started on Tuesday afternoon, when a member of RiRi’s Navy posted a congratulatory message on Instagram celebrating the singer’s eight Grammy nominations. The user, @rihannagang_, also used the occasion to throw a bit of shade Beyoncé’s way. (The latter led the 2017 nominations with nine nods.) “I think they didn’t want her tied or passing someone else *cough cough* [lemon emoji.]” went the caption. Not exactly subtle.
The Art of Shade, the ultimate source for celebrity pettiness, later noticed Bad Gal RiRi herself had liked the post, perhaps indicating that she agreed with the idea that she had been snubbed for “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year.”

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